3 Important Aspects Of Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Services

When you operate a business or maintain an office that could produce vulnerable information, there can be many people who would love to be a "fly on the wall." In other words, there could be people who desire to be present without actually being present, which means you could be at risk of having surveillance devices implanted in your building.

If you suspect that someone with ill intent has implanted such devices without your knowledge, a technical surveillance countermeasure service can help. These professionals hold the knowledge and tools to do a sweep of your private space to ensure there are no hidden security threats present. Take a look at the three important aspects of this unique service and how they work.

Physical Security Assessment 

Physical security refers to the physical objects that could be present inside of a building that are specifically placed for the purpose of hidden surveillance. These objects and devices have evolved a great deal over the years, so some of them are hard to find. A few examples of devices that the technical surveillance countermeasure security team will look for include: 

  • Hidden listening or audio recording devices
  • Concealed surveillance cameras 
  • Eavesdropping devices 

Tools are used by the professionals to scan for things like radiofrequency signals, heightened electromagnetic waves, and other signs that can be associated with all of these devices. 

Communications Security Assessment 

Communications is a common core among just about all business types, which means tapped phone lines can create easy access to private data and information. The countermeasures security team will analyze all devices within the building that are used for communication, including mobile devices, to see if they have been manipulated in any fashion by an outside party. For example, phone lines will be checked to ensure there is no dropped signal, which can be a sign of a wiretap being used to record audio from the line. 

Information Technology Security Assessment

Perhaps the most modern threat to security in any business is the threat of information being stolen from machines used on the internet. While sometimes thought to be something completely different, internet security is a huge part of modern-day technical surveillance countermeasures. During an assessment, all computers and devices connected to the network will be scanned using the latest tools and software to track down things like viruses, keylogging software, trojans, and more. These things will not only be tracked down, but they will also be promptly eliminated.