The Benefits Of Contracting Security Guards From Offsite Security Companies

If you are currently in the market for security guards but are not sure how many you need, how much you should pay the guards, how often you need them, then maybe you should consider contracting security guards from an offsite security company. There are several benefits to handling your security needs this way. Consider the following before you do a direct hire for security.

Contracted Guards Are Paid by the Company for Which They Work

You never have to worry about paying security guards directly, putting security guards on your payroll or deciding what the pay grade for direct hire guards should be. The security companies charge an hourly, weekly or monthly rate based on the service package you want and the security needs you have. Once you pay for those services, the security company then pays the security guards that patrol your grounds. If you do not need the guards on a specific day or time, you may request a billing credit. If you need more security on a given day, you will probably be billed separately for that shift, depending on which security company's services you employ. You also never have to worry about giving the guards a raise, a promotion or demotion, or handling any of the disciplinary actions. All of that is handled by the security company that hired them.

Contracted Guards Can Provide Service for Any Length of Time

Because contracted guards know that their employment is limited to the amount of time each client needs them, they accept their positions and the shifts in change when you no longer require their services. The guards simply move on to the next client and the next short-term job. You do not have to concern yourself with the termination process because the security company handles that, but you do have to handle the contract cancellation. Additionally, if you only need security guards on the weekend or need them for specific hours at night, your contract with the security company provides exactly what you want and need.

You Can Request Specific Requirements for Each Guard You Contract

If you want a very specific set of skills from each and every security guard you contract through the security company, you can get that. For example, if you only want to engage the services of security guards who are former ex-military, either because you consider them better trained or because you simply believe in supporting the country's veterans, that is well within your personal rights to do so. When you call security companies to ask for guard contracts, you can specify the work requirements that you and your company would have looked for anyway had you decided to hire security guards directly from a pool of applicants. (Just be aware that other businesses and companies may have the same idea, and your veterans-turned-security guards may be in high demand and short supply.)

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